Accent Reveal

Here she is!


We trimmed up our Althea rose (Rose of Sharon) bush, removed the trampled irises (mentioned in this post), trimmed up our side tree, and renewed our planters (although they still need TLC)…  I’m already planning hay bales, pumpkins, etc. in front of the porch for Fall!


Our side yard was still looking a bit grungy, but we didn’t want anything permanent, so we used this no-dig edging that we’d previously used in the backyard.  We bought it at our local “box” store for a pretty affordable price:


We pegged the edging, covered the ground with landscape fabric we had already, and filled it with the cheapest hard wood mulch we could find.  My only complaint was that the way the edging is coiled makes it really easy to “kink” the edging when trying to place it– and once it is “kinked”, there’s no “un-kinking” it.  Regardless of the slight annoyance, I think it cleaned up fairly nicely!  Now if only Fall would arrive and our grass would grow back…



Anyway, hope you guys like our new “fun” bungalow/pod!  On to other projects…


3 thoughts on “Accent Reveal

  1. Wowza! What a change! Great colors! Attention to detail takes lots of work, as you found out. js

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