Introducing: The Ugly Rental

Happy Holidays, folks!

Late July, we officially lost our minds and bought an ugly rental house in our neighborhood.

I can’t wait to start cranking out posts on the renovation, but I’m going to dedicate this post to our “before photos”.  Enjoy le tour de ugly!

The home angle is not an optical illusion…

I have a better understanding of why my mom used to call my childhood un-brushed hair a “rat’s nest” now (see dishwasher slot)…

When in doubt, black it out… with spray paint.

Fan de Decapitation Part I

Fan de Decapitation Part II

“Bonus” Room

Poorly built porch that someone had tried to turn into an addition… yikes…

Coming Soon:

-Bed and Bath (with bonus room and laundry)

-Kitchen and Living


Stay tuned!

Bedroom Shine-Ups

Hello, Everyone! Welcome back!

We’re excited to show you guys what has been going on at our house.

We were fortunate enough to have been able to hire workers to work on our old bedrooms.  Here are the before photos:


It’s hard to tell from photos, but sheet-rock was cracked and had a very dated texturing.  We had previously stained and sealed the floors which (a) didn’t hold up and (b) didn’t match the natural color of the living room.  Also, the lighting was crappy and there was a lack of usable plugs (none on the exterior wall and one was halfway up a different wall).

Plus, zero character. Most important.



Front Bedroom:

Same idea, different room!




The crew removed the sheetrock, added trim and awesome LED can lights.  They added/moved plugs and replaced the window trim.  Aaron and I refinished the floors.  Also, we moved our “cool” fan to the front bedroom.  This room is small and really has no need for a full-sized ceiling fan.

I have some ideas for a more “permanent” desk space for the office, but that will be a project for later.

We’ve left the walls natural (unsealed) for now until I’m 100% sure that I’m not going to paint or whitewash them, but so far I’m loving the natural wood tones.


Front Bedroom

Same stuff, different room!



I’m keeping my eyes open for some really funky, cool art for above this bed!


This really turned out how we had envisioned.  We’re loving the consistency with the rest of the house and the great lighting particularly.  We’ve eliminated a lot of furniture so every room feels bigger.

Thanks for hanging out with us as we mark things off of our big ol’ “to-do” list!  Loving having you along for the transformation!