Perfectionism Manifested in “Before and After”

I’m a perfectionist.  There, I said it.

It is a blessing and a curse in that I set these lofty (often unattainable) goals for myself and when I can’t reach those goals in the amount of time I have allotted, I get disappointed.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?

So, Aaron and I worked our tails off until the minute that I had to leave for work for a week.  We painted the whole house in one day (it had been repaired and primed in the 9 days beforehand).  It was both exhausting and exhilarating.  It looks good.  However, I did not get to touch up where the colors meet and did not get to paint my door and windows our “accent color” which I was looking forward to doing.  The list of “did not get to”s is daunting!  I’m back from work and unable to find the drive to finish what I started in the 100+ degree temperatures!

I had envisioned how this post would look– an awesome “Before and After” like you see on television or the internet.  However, it is just the two of us (no amazing construction/camera/editing crew) and we work “full-time” jobs!  I was excited to show a guy I worked with this week our “Before and After” photos– to my surprise, the first words out of his mouth were, “What happened to the bushes in front?”  It was a good reminder:  I sometimes take myself too seriously!!  We put all of this work into the house and this guy is worried about our [now trampled] irises!!  Hilarious!!

Anyway, here is where we left off:


I now present you with our “In Progress” photos, since I’m too much of a perfectionist for “After” Photos:


Our doggie in a very good “Sit, Stay”.  Drip edge installed over a horizontal board that masks the gap between the fine mobile-home metal skirting and wood siding.  Repaired window sill and faux “crown molding”.  Trampled irises.SideStraightOn

View of the side with more repaired windows, drip edge, etc.


Hey, side yard… are you ready for your close up?  Our faux “Crown Molding” costs 30% (or less) of actual crown molding by using a 2×2 furring strip topped with a 1×3.  I think we calculated approximately $3 per window for the top molding.

The minute we finished painting, our sweet neighbors brought over a plate of delicious sweets (AKA Dinner) and told us how proud they were of us!  They had been stopping by daily to check on us and offer their support.  I nearly cried– it was so moving that someone would shower us with that kind of love.  And that brought us full circle to a main reason why we are putting in all of this effort– We love our neighborhood!

Anyway, blessings to you all.  I hope you feel the same kind of warmth in whatever “life neighborhood” you are a part of!

All Of My Love,