Kitchen Reveal-ish

I aspire to be one of those bloggers that features amazing “room reveals” on their blog.  I’m amazed at those who seem to finish all of the work in approximately 24 hours and have it perfectly staged, photographed, and edited by the next morning.

Yeah, I’m not one of those bloggers.

I’ve been hinting at showing you our kitchen… for months… and it’s still not finished.  So let’s have a kitchen “right now” tour, shall we??


We’re hoping to have finishing touches up in the next week or so.

Here’s what is missing:

  • Hardware installation
  • Molding for top of cabinets
  • Rustic wood shelving above sink and fridge with steel brackets

I’m also hoping to have an inspiration post, as well as sources, if anyone is interested!

Thanks for stopping by!

3D Kitchen

Aaron and I love food.  Seriously.  We need regular feedings… and they’d better be delicious.  Because of this, it should come as no surprise that brainstorming for the kitchen has been a very fun process for us.

You may remember when I learned to use Sketchup in this post.  Fun!  Well, it was all in preparation for the below project.

Here is what we are thinking for our new kitchen– in 3D, no less:

Overall view (there will be doorways to the right of the fridge and left of the dishwasher):



Behind view of the island will likely include the microwave, large drawers, and storage compartments for cutting boards/baking sheets.


If you read our History & Design post, you know what inspires us in this home.  Here are the ways we’re trying “color within the lines” we’ve created for ourselves:

We’re thinking white plank walls, re-claimed wood floors (we hope), shaker or flat front cabinets, and a farmhouse sink for a classic feel. We’ll talk countertops later.

We’re using rustic wood for the island to bring in an industrial element and the warmth of wood. We’ll probably use a matte black or charcoal paint on those cabinets so the eye is drawn to the cascading wood counters.

The teal cabinets are classic, yet nod to the 50’s.  We’ve thrown in pops of orange for fun (perhaps a marquee light or something similar) and industrial bar stools.

And… do we need to even talk about my favorite part– the sweet Sputnik chandelier?!?


Of course, there will be changes.  It is likely that the uppers will be completely different, but at least we can all get a visual!

Can’t wait to share how we’re planning to make this classic-modern-fun look happen!  More than anything, I can’t wait to cook in this kitchen and have you all over (even if it is only on Upcycled Ugly)!