Carport & Foundation Frustration

For the last two weeks, the driveway and carport pad have been prepared [intermittently].

They framed the outline in wood, dug a trench around the edge and compacted the soil:

They jack-hammered out the curb:

The workers created re-bar supports to place in the trenches:

They spread sand around the entire area and covered the carport pad in plastic (I guess to keep moisture out?). They then placed re-bar over the top:

And, at that, we’re waiting on an inspection and concrete pouring.

In other news, our complete foundation is creating issues with framing already.  It is not even close to being square or level.  Not to mention, the company didn’t leave room for 1-18″ plywood for the sub-flooring that we requested so, as the delivery truck dropped off lumber yesterday, we had to send the plywood back.  Dirty words.  Also, those metal ties that were placed into each pier were placed too high, so holes are being drilled in each tie in order to make them functional.

The four-letter-words are flying at the Ugly Casa.

As a home-owner it makes me grateful for an excellent, experienced contractor.  However, it also makes me realize how limited our rights are as a home-owner.  Our only defense against a job poorly done may be bad internet or BBB reviews.  To be determined.

And, yes, they were highly rated concrete contractors on Angie’s List and through the BBB.

One step forward, two steps back today.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.  Thanks for reading my [rambling] rant.  That is what blogs are good for, right??

Foundation: Day Four Through Completion

Hello, Everyone!

Our foundation is now complete.  I had to work Friday through Monday, and Aaron has been super busy scheduling students for the school year, so our posting took a hiatus.

Here are photos of the “Before” and “After” foundation photos:


The tall metal things you see sticking out of the top will be used to connect the foundation piers with the long boards that will hold the floor up!

You can really see the “footprint” of the house taking shape.  It is amazing what a week of work can do!

Today is the beginning of driveway/carport preparation.  We’ll keep you all posted, per usual!