Bertha: Dexterized

It’s a new week at the Upcycled Ugly casa and we’re sharing a very snappy update on our personal “Whale of a Tale [Tail]”, Big Bertha!

On our update posted, we hinted that Bertha had been featured on the show, Dexter.  If you’ve never watched that show (it’s disturbingly good), Dexter always wraps the rooms where he kills his victims in plastic, like so:



Can you see the resemblance?



My, how the neighbors must love us!  HAH!

Coming soon, Bertha’s full color scheme “unveiled”!



Ugly Updates!

Helllllllllllllllllloooooo Ugly-ites!

We’re back in action!  It has been a crazy TWO month hiatus from our last update! OMGosh!

Since we’ve spoken:

We hit a new debt landmark: Four digits!  Unless “murphy” moves in, we should be out of debt except the mortgage by the end of 2016. Yeah, baby!

We had some plumbing issues in the old bathroom (now the guest/Airbnb bathroom) that prompted a small (on our scale) renovation.  More on that soon.

A deck!!!



And, Bertha made an appearance on the show, Dexter (sarcasm).  But, don’t worry, she’s still kickin’!


More about Bertha and the small reno update coming soon! 

Thanks for stopping by!