Great, Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015- The Fence

Happy December, Everyone!

We have a fun Great, Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015 update to share with you all! We’ll soon have to change our Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015 to Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2016- Hah!  It’s a process, for sure.

A few weeks ago, my dad came up for a working visit.  He has incredible vision when it comes to landscaping.  We don’t have any vision at all when it comes to the yard, so we’re grateful for any help.

Here is the backyard before- the view toward the back of our property:


So, as you can see, the property behind us is… not exactly what we want to wake up to in the morning.  It was time to regain our privacy.

As luck would have it, a monsoon (exaggerating) arrived with my dad, so we dug post holes in the rain.  Woohoo!


The rain passed overnight and we were able to put the 2×6 headers and a trim piece on top of the posts.


We took a day and a half to install the horizontal slats…DSC_0701DSC_0699

…and hid the seams with trim boards. IMG_3128IMG_3122DSC_0702

We also began a project in the back corner of the property that will tie in to the new fence’s style.  Hopefully, we will be able to continue work on the new project soon!


This yard is shaping up and, most importantly, we have a plan!  Thanks for following along!

2 thoughts on “Great, Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015- The Fence

  1. What kind of a project are you doing to tie into the fence? I would totally build a nice shed there! Or possibly some fun landscaping, like a water feature or some trees and shrubs.

    • Hi Jenn! To be determined, but we just finished a little shed that is more “out of the way” so probably more along the lines of a deck/fountain or statue/etc. We’ll keep you posted!!

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