Master Suite

As promised, I’m walking you guys around the renovation a little bit at a time!

Today, I’d like to show you where we are on the Master Suite. There is little to no decorating going on at this time, but we’re very proud of the work that has been done on this section of the house!

So I should probably start out stating the obvious: We went with cork flooring in the whole addition- including the bathroom and parts of the old house where the floors couldn’t be salvaged. The idea is that the dark “Coffee” color will match the eventual stain of the original wood floors when they are complete so it gives the house a very “unified” look.

As of right now, we’re having a very, very difficult time keeping them clean due to the amazing amount of dust still flying around, but I’m hoping we’ll learn the ways of dark flooring, buy a ton of rugs, and take all of the tips we can get from you guys on keeping them clean!! So, please look past the dusty look because the floors rock!

The entry door into the master suite is not the most beautiful to look at, but it was salvaged from a demolished theatre on Maple Avenue in Dallas, Texas. The theatre had several names, which included “The Little Theatre”, “Festival Theatre” and “El Panamericano”. You can read more about that HERE if you’d like:
Unfortunately, it just had the back-plate, but no knob. Not to fret, we bought the most beautiful salvaged knob I’ve ever laid eyes on:

Be still, my heart…. Continue reading

For Love of Old

Brief post from the Upcycled Ugly pad.  Remember our antique doors we found antiquing in Louisiana?  Remember the cool, rusty hardware that was on the doors?  We mentioned it in our Hilarity of Being Thrifty Post, if you’re new to our blog.

Today, I was reminded why I love old things when I was able to get the door hardware off.  After giving it a little rinse, look at what I found:


Who is RF??  No idea.  But this seems to be his rendition of a time capsule.  Can’t wait to get the rest of the hardware cleaned up for show-and-tell!