Bertha: Decked & Trimmed Out

Hello Everyone!

We had a few days off of work with 0% chance of rain, so we made the best of it!

We’ve de-Dexterized, Bertha!  And, Aaron “decked” her out!

I’ll be touching up some areas soon (like, to the right of her eye!) and…

where the tape pulled off my super sweet teal paint job!!!!!  %&”$*#(#()!!!!!  Always one step forward and two back with ol’ Bertha!


We also had a non-working air conditioner which contained (a) a wasps nest (surprise!),


(b) an ant bed complete with larvae, and


(c) enormous potential for a window.

Aaron trimmed out the new back window and we had a small piece of glass cut.  It has made a huge difference on how the trailer feels on the inside.  Helllloooooo, sunshine!!



Once we saw a glimmer of light in Bertha’s dark soul, we couldn’t shut it out again.

We’ll be buying a new air conditioner and installing it inside the trailer so we can keep our cute little window.

Coming soon: Paint touch ups, an accent color (hint: it’s called Emotional), and another replacement window

Before you go, I’ll leave you with this image.  I’m the one on the left.



Bertha: Dexterized

It’s a new week at the Upcycled Ugly casa and we’re sharing a very snappy update on our personal “Whale of a Tale [Tail]”, Big Bertha!

On our update posted, we hinted that Bertha had been featured on the show, Dexter.  If you’ve never watched that show (it’s disturbingly good), Dexter always wraps the rooms where he kills his victims in plastic, like so:



Can you see the resemblance?



My, how the neighbors must love us!  HAH!

Coming soon, Bertha’s full color scheme “unveiled”!