Winter Garden: A Reflection

I’m “calling it” now… Last night was DFW’s last freeze of this horrific Winter.  At least, it had better be!  While Aaron and I were, once again, covering our Winter garden/Spring garden to save our precious plants from freezing, I was reflecting on the past Winter and what we can do in the future to save more plants (and our backs).

Overall, we need a better way to cover the plants.  We used heavy moving blankets from the box store that kept the plants surprisingly warm.  After the initial frost, we had few casualties, even with single digit temperatures and freezing pipes on our house.  Here are some ideas I’ve gathered from the internet (follow me on Pinterest) to consider for next year:

Here’s an awesome greenhouse on top of a square foot garden.  This seems fairly easy, relatively inexpensive, and can be removed at the end of winter.  This great idea is courtesy of SwingNCocoa.

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Garden & Camera

What do you aspire to do better in your life?  Is there a hobby or a talent that draws you in?  Something that you see, hear, or touch that makes you stop cold in your tracks?

Two of the activities/hobbies/talents I wish I had cultivated earlier in life are gardening and photography.

We’re still working on our “experimental garden”.  Our square foot gardens, which you can read a little bit about HERE, will be a year old in April.  Until this point, we have had mostly beautiful plants and relatively no produce.  Aaron and I have both found joy in having the garden- even though we haven’t really been able to enjoy the edible “fruits” of our labor.  There’s something about planting, watching, watering, nourishing the plants that speaks to us.  Perhaps it is that we find gardening parallels to our lives that keep us [and the plants] growing: hope, renewal, death, new life, acceptance, peace, etc.

On another topic, I prayed and put it into the universe that if it were meant to be, I’d be blessed with a DSLR on a very low budget.  I narrowed my search to two entry-level DSLR cameras (Nikon D3100 and Canon T3, if you’re interested) and, would you believe it, the Nikon was on clearance at Target this week?  You may also remember this post where I won a Target giveaway?  Yeah… that definitely helped.  I’m feeling so very thankful.

The good news for you guys is that I will, for the most part, retire my dark, sad iPhone photos.  The iPhone has been convenient, but I am glad to upgrade.  So, friends, continue to bear with me while I learn my new camera.  I have made a pact with myself that I will learn to use it in manual mode, so that could make for some interesting photos… For all of you real photographers out there, my composition is terrible.  I’m working on it.  Please forgive me. 😉

Anyway, enough writing.  The garden has been growing, and I have begun my journey as a rookie photographer.  What better a place for a photo-shoot?  Hope you enjoy some of the “fruits” of our labor(s): Continue reading