Grass Cloth for Every Room

If you’ve been following us in 2014, you remember our post Inspired in 2014 where we talked about our fabulous visit to Aaron’s folks’ house in Iowa.  Aaron’s parents are wanting to do some upgrading to their already wonderful home this Summer and are in the “brain-storming” part of the process.  We had some really fun discussions about kitchen and bathroom ideas, but some of our focus was on the existing grass cloth wallpaper in the living room.  The questions were, “Is it dated?” and “Should it be removed?”

I wasn’t bothered by their grass cloth at all and they seemed to be excited by the possibility of keeping it up.  After all, who wants to spend the time (and money) to take down wallpaper?  If it is clean and not an obnoxious pattern or color, why change?

Since we left Iowa, I have been seeing beautiful examples of grass cloth everywhere!  I’m not sure if it was the idea of it being planted in my mind, or an up-rising of an old trend, but I thought I’d share some photos with you.  Enjoy!GrassClothCollage

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