The Living Room

Welcome to our Living Room. We’re glad you’re here for a visit.

See that “Before” picture below?

After we moved in and painted:


During construction:



Removal of sheetrock and laminate floors revealed all original wood and a surprise:


Our house wasn’t built in the 1950’s after all!

6 thoughts on “The Living Room

  1. Love the cute pantry and door! And I also love your most handsome boston terrier. I started out with your outdoor shed re-do . . . also very cute!

    • Hi Kay! Thanks for looking around! We appreciate all of your nice words. And, yes, we’re pretty partial to our Sizzle-dog! She’s our “only child” at this point and does a fine job of supervising (AKA Snoozing through) all of our projects. Have a great day!

  2. You’ve done LOTS of work here. In older homes, the discoveries aren’t always fun or interesting. Glad yours was. Now, I’m off to explore more of your great site!

    Oh . . . P.S. Love the dogs here, yours AND Sorilea’s.

    • Haha! Hey Cheryl! Read further back in our blog and you’ll see some not so fun or interesting finds! Thanks for stopping by!!

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