HomeTalk & House Talk

Happy Monday, everyone!  Doesn’t everyone just love Mondays?!?  [groans and complains]  We’re glad you’re joining us and hope this post makes your Monday just a little brighter (or just more manageable)!

Have you guys dropped in to HomeTalk to check it out?  We love HomeTalk!  For us, it is a place to throw around ideas, ask questions, and share projects with hundreds of our most creative friends.  We’ve had a blast viewing and sharing since we signed up because we “dig” all things Home and Garden!

Now that we’ve professed our love of HomeTalk, you can imagine how excited we were when the nice people at HomeTalk asked us to put together a board of great sheds.  Each of these sheds was creatively “made over” or built with reclaimed materials by a homeowner like you!

You can check out our board (and more great sheds) by clicking on the graphic below or HERE.  22 Darling Shed Makeovers- HomeTalk

Hope these great sheds inspire you to do something great with your ugly shed! 😉

House Talk

So, last we talked, we had this problem:photo(20)

Yo!  Well, we’re still throwing around ideas, but I think what we’ll end up doing is waiting until we texture the sheet rock in the addition and have the workers do the ceiling on this room, too.  A minor problem that would take hours for Aaron and I to remedy will take a crew minutes (and look better, too), so that seems like the best option.

We’re gathering quotes for the pier-and-beam foundation on the addition, which is proving to be a little more challenging than we anticipated, but we’re looking forward to having more concrete plans in place soon (pun intended).

Hope you guys have a fabulous week.  We’ll be in touch soon, I hope!