Inspired in 2014

Happy 2014, Everyone!  I’m feeling especially inspired this week.  Reason’s for inspiration:

1.  Our very exciting news for the day is that we’ve officially reached 5,000 views on the blog.  Woo Hoo!  Thanks for visiting!

2.  We’ve been away in Iowa enjoying a very lovely Christmas/New Year’s celebration with Aaron’s parents.  We managed to fly into Chicago before one snow storm hit and managed to get out of there before another storm hit.  I’d say we were pretty lucky!!  I’m a pure-bred Texan and not used to excessive snow, so experiencing -6 degrees for a few hours was enough for me (albeit tame compared to the weather they are currently having)!  Here are a few pictures of snow in case you haven’t seen any in a while:

Can I also tell you what amazing hosts they are?  In addition to so much delicious food (still on cookie hangover), we visited AA.  That is, Antique Archaeology‘s store (from the show American Pickers) in Le Claire, Iowa.  Adorably enough, Aaron’s parents lived in an apartment not even a stone’s throw away (we’re talking 15 feet) from the store’s current location when they were first married.  Very fun!

We also had a very fun visit to the local museum’s Princess Diana exhibit (sorry, no photos).  It was an excellent display of memorabilia but, I have to say, I was a bit underwhelmed at her wedding dress.  She was not a flashy person, it seemed.  One of the markers said that the dress cost somewhere around 1,900 USD- pearls, lace, and mother of pearl sequins included.  Take that as an example, all of you lovely unmarried ladies- even princesses know how to budget!!  

3.  We met with our engineer’s office this week.  It seems as though they are working on plans, finally.  Folks, they’ve had addition plans since mid-October, so this is a real reason to celebrate.  It is also the reason you haven’t heard any building updates from us.

4.  I learned how to use Google Sketchup— well, adequately enough- thanks in large part to JimboVids SketchUp Kitchen Tutorial.  Aaron was laughing as I was talking back to Jimbo.  This guy sounds like someone who should be building kitchens and not making 3D models of them.  Not to mention, his fire alarm is beeping intermittently throughout the whole video which made for extra entertainment when Aaron twitched/jumped each time.  I’m so bad for laughing…

Anyway,  Here’s my first kitchen design thanks to Jimbo!  We made the cabinets counters, etc. from scratch.  The appliances were imported.  Isn’t this fun?!?!?  I can’t wait to work more in this program to get a handle on our addition plans.  You know what they say… “The best things in life are free!”  I’d say Sketchup falls into this category.

5. I found some very fun items on Craigslist/Internet today.  Although I’m not buying a single one, browsing and clipping is helping to define a style for us.

(1) Can you see past the dust?  Beautiful general store counter that needs a good wipe-down.  Drawer and hardware swoon, for sure.

(2) Loving the vintage 7up sign- brings a smile to my face.

(3) Harry Bertonia chairs with a bit of patina

(4) Grey stained, lime-washed cabinets from our local Salvage Place

So, tell me… Would you like to see more Sketchup on the blog?  Have you ever worked with this program?  Did you have a great New Year?

Sending my love in 2014,

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  1. sketch me a kitchen! just come live with me and make my house a beautiful place!!!
    kes recently posted…Merry Christmas, Y’ALL!My Profile

    • Your house is already a beautiful place full of beautiful people (and things)! I’ll sketch whatever you want- just send me some measurements! 😉 XOXO

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