Storage Locker Unit Shed Thing Reveal

Hello, Everyone!

So, our “Storage Locker Unit Shed Thing” has been complete for a while, but I was hoping some grass would grow next to it.

Apparently we’re going to have to figure out “Plan B” on grass, so here’s the reveal anyway!




A little more about the “shed”:

In June, we put skirting on the house.  We used reclaimed barn metal.  What material was leftover from that project went to the shed’s roof, lower “siding”, and door accents!

If you’ve been following Upcycled Ugly for a while, you may remember our Storm Window project.  After we made the [tough] decision to replace the windows, we had no need for the storm windows.  The Plexiglas was used for the windows on the shed and the storm window frames were used for door trim.

The rest of the materials on the exterior were inexpensive cedar fence posts and cedar shingles from the box store!


Anyway, we’ve been so pleased with the functional aspect of the new storage locker unit shed thing and it is so much more aesthetically pleasing than our previous setup!

We can’t wait to use it as a bouncing off point for a cool backyard design!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Carport & Exterior Changes

Oh My Goodness. It has been nearly a month since my last blog post. Where has the time gone??

So much has happened:
-We enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving with my family
-Jeff and Tommy came for a very productive visit
-My computer came crashing down with a virus (grrr…)
-We’ve been playing lots of Christmas music in between real work and house work
-I sold my couch!

Several people who had been through this process before warned me that the end of the construction process would seem like it is taking forever. At this point, I feel like I’m consistently working and have very little to show for it, which is probably why blogging has taken a bit of a hiatus.

Do you ever feel like that in your life? Some days I don’t stop moving and at the end of the day, I think to myself, “What did I even accomplish today?”

Anyway, I thought the best way to handle the progress of the last month is to break it up into several posts over the next week or so. Today, I wanted to show you our carport, which we were so anxiously awaiting, and a bit of the exterior.

The guys framed it so fast!




Jeff or Tommy (can’t remember) threw out the idea to use rusty metal en lieu of traditional siding- so we did! We haven’t received any complaints from the city or the neighbors yet, so that’s good! Hah!


I’m picturing a huge barn light in front, but we have to find the right one!  Also, it still needs a roof but our contractors are totally slammed with work right now, so it might be a while.

In the back of the house, they added a cute little porch in which we used rusty metal for the roof:


As for the exterior:

Jeff added drip ledges to the original side of the house and those long boards at the bottom. We need to pick some kind of skirting soon as the neighborhood cats have decided to move in. Meow!


As soon as it is warm enough and not raining, I’ll finish the paint job. Yay Winter!

Also, I saw these lights a while ago and knew I had to have them. My family knew thought I was completely nuts, but I was giddy when the electricians finally turned the power on yesterday and I saw them lit up for the first time.

They were cute at dusk:

But they were totally awesome at night:

There are a ton of changes in the inside of the house as well (and still changing by the minute!).  I can’t wait to update you in my next blog post!