Bertha: From Bomb-shelter to Bombshell (and other updates)

Hello Everyone!

We’ve had a strange and busy few weeks at the Upcycled Ugly house!

Bertha got a MAJOR update and she is lookin’ fine!!



Dare I say she’s on her way from “bombshelter” to “bombshell”????


But she’s not quite there yet… Don’t tell her I said so!

We hit a major debt payoff goal and gave ol’ Sallie Mae the boot! 

Hit the road, Sallie, and don’t you come back no mo’, no mo’, no mo’, no mo’!!!!

We celebrated in typical A&E fashion by staining and sealing the fence and adding a section of fencing around the tree!  We used Ready Seal’s Natural Cedar Stain/Sealant and we are pumped with the results.  Not to mention Ready Seal is a family owned business from the great state of Texas!




Something about the fence staining even brought Bertha’s beauty to the next level- a neighbor even stopped by to say he thought the trailer was a piece of “art”! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!

And, because that wasn’t exciting enough, the city not only poured a curb where our old driveway was in the front yard, but then brought a whole truckload of dirt and the guys to spread the dirt!   Our tax dollars at work (*wink)…  Aaron said, “I’ve never been so excited about dirt!”  It was definitely like Christmas morning.  Aaron and I were in our PJ’s (with the Airbnb guests.. haha!), drinking coffee, and watching the city guys spread dirt instead of doing it ourselves.  I could get used to this!

Coming soon, GRASS!

We know our Upcycled Ugly followers love to watch grass grow (yeah, right), so, as always, we’ll keep you posted!

The Fence- Again!

Once upon a time, a crazy couple bought a house with a lovely 6′ chain-link fence (see left… and right, for that matter). Whoa.


One Summer, the king of the castle had too much free time on his hands (hah!) and took that ugly lovely fence down.

The King & Queen enjoyed a wider panorama and an excellent relationship with their lovely neighbor.  It also was an excellent passageway for the neighborhood cats to come and go as they’d like.

One December, a cold wind blew and that excellent neighbor decided to move.  Her lovely cottage sold to strangers.

The King & Queen wanted their privacy back, so they erected a fence of cedar boards and a gate from a no-sag gate kit from Lowe’s.



Since the King & Queen had no servants, they erected the fence themselves.  Crookedly.  And had to dig the post holes a second time (Thanks, Dad!).  Yep.




The story ends well, however, with the city inspector smiling at a job well done… the second time.

The King & Queen vowed never to build a fence again, but to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

But they will certainly miss the cat litterbox highway (*cough*)

The End.