Kitchen Reveal-ish

I aspire to be one of those bloggers that features amazing “room reveals” on their blog.  I’m amazed at those who seem to finish all of the work in approximately 24 hours and have it perfectly staged, photographed, and edited by the next morning.

Yeah, I’m not one of those bloggers.

I’ve been hinting at showing you our kitchen… for months… and it’s still not finished.  So let’s have a kitchen “right now” tour, shall we??


We’re hoping to have finishing touches up in the next week or so.

Here’s what is missing:

  • Hardware installation
  • Molding for top of cabinets
  • Rustic wood shelving above sink and fridge with steel brackets

I’m also hoping to have an inspiration post, as well as sources, if anyone is interested!

Thanks for stopping by!

DIY Industrial Ceiling Fan [With Garden Planter Cage Lights]

Welcome back, everyone.  We’re here with a new project (one of our favorites, so far), but this DIY will be like none other that we’ve written.  We’re tired of writing boring tutorials, and you’re tired of reading them (probably), so put on your best cowboy/cowgirl hat/boots, and hang on to your britches because we’re going to tell you a good, old-fashioned, Wild West tall-tale.  Well, at least some of it is true…


Let us tell you a little story about a ceiling fan that died.  Well, she was murdered… on accident.

You see, it was a stormy day in Raderville and the fan’s dim light bulb needed a-changin’.  “A simple task,” thinks you.  But, alas, this was the little fan that couldn’t.  The murderers tried to remove her hat globe, but somehow ended up strangling her in the process.  Her wires were all wrapped up and, in the flick of a switch, she was dead.  Sad day in Raderville.  She was buried below the black walnut tree in the trash bin and the healing process began… with a sleek, new fan. Continue reading