Mostly Pallet Wood Farmhouse Table with Sunken Gutter Succulent Planter

You remember that post where I said we were going to be doing fewer projects? Yeah, I lied.  Sort of. Small House + Family Visiting + Beer On Clearance + Too Much Pallet Wood = Fun Project! I present to you our Mostly Pallet Wood Farmhouse Table with Sunken Gutter Succulent Planter (phew, that’s a lot of words…). MostlyPalletWoodFarmhouseTablewithSunkenGutterSucculentPlanter Continue reading

Scrap Wood Shelves - Assembly Required!

Have you ever had scrap wood lying around and had the urge to throw it away?  It’s tempting for sure.  No one likes a garage or shed cluttered with random leftovers from a previous project.

Recently, we received some (free!) plywood from our friend who was cleaning a newly-vacated property.   We’ve talked about installing a fresh layer of plywood flooring in our shed, and that thought became a reality this past week.  However, we had 2 big pieces leftover from the shed floor redo… more scrap wood…

The Problem

Recently, our kitchen has begun its transformation into a utility room.  We had to remove some counters and cabinets to start this process.  Forward motion is exciting, but we’ve removed about 12 feet of counter space.   Erin and I have had to put kitchen items in other rooms while we figure out a solution.  Sounds like a daily struggle?  You bet!   The microwave doesn’t belong in a bedroom – trust me.


This weekend, I had a moment of clarity.  Why not build some shelves above our beverage fridge to add some storage space?  Many of you know that I’m a music teacher.  I know what you are thinking… a music teacher trying to build shelves?!  Maybe I should stick to my day job…


The beverage fridge is 33 inches tall.  I envisioned an open shelving unit on legs.  Fortunately, we had some leftover 2x4s from disassembled pallets.  I had to remove all nails and use the miter saw to make 34 inch legs.  You could, of course, use a regular 2×4.  This tutorial is based on MY scrap wood and serves as inspiration to look at your own lumber.   After that, I measured the length and width of the fridge to cut 2 shelves from the leftover plywood.  I added 3 inches to the length so the legs could fit around the fridge.  Remember that microwave in the bedroom?  Early into this project, I had a light bulb moment and measured the microwave (10 inches tall) so it would fit into the bottom shelf.  Thus, I cut down 2 side panels to boost the top shelf with enough clearance for the microwave.

Here are my pieces after measuring and cutting.


Since I used materials with rough edges (plywood and pallet wood), I used an orbital sander to smooth the rough spots.  We don’t have children yet, but I’m sure this type of project is dangerous for splinters.  After sanding, I painted with a latex paint.  You could use the paint sprayer, but I went old school and used a brush.  Since our lower cabinets are black, I figured that was the answer.

SandingPaint1 Continue reading