“Give Thanks” Sign from Upcycled Landscape Edging

I love Thanksgiving.  I’ve been thinking of something to do around the house to stir up feelings of gratitude and praise.  I tried a drawing on our dry erase cabinets, and it was an epic fail.  I sort of fell into making this “Give Thanks” Sign from Upcycled Landscape Edging- with the perfect amount of “rusty patina”.

For months, I’ve been meaning to remove these “tufts of ugliness” in our yard (old pic!):UglyYard

I finally got around to it when I was tearing down our Fall decor that was looking a bit ratty this week.  I’ve been a little hesitant to dig out the tufts, because I wasn’t sure how terrible some round dirt spots would look in the yard.  Actually, the real reason is that we have a snake friend that’s living in the right one…………………………………..  I didn’t want to destroy his habitat ;)

I finally got brave and pulled up the edging, pulled out the ugly plants, and weeded a bit.  It doesn’t look so bad after all and I didn’t have a snake sighting.  Phew.

What I had left were some cool rusty edging circles, that I decided to make a project out of. Continue reading

How-To: Pallet Wood Bench

Happy November, everyone!  We’re diving into our Pallet Wood Bench tutorial today, as mentioned here!  Woo-Hoo!


First, we would like to give credit where credit is due.  We were highly influenced by A Cherry Blossom Kind of Life’s Pallet Bench Tutorial.  Isn’t the finished product darling?


Anyway, I returned home from work to find not one, not two, but… twenty-five pallets in my yard!  “Holy Pallet,” said I!  Our friend, Dean, who owns a cleaning service (Dean’s Cleaning Service, to be precise), comes up with some of the most awesome/random finds for us.  You may remember our Navy Enamel Campaign Desk and the wood/paint we used on The Shed?  Yep, those were his finds, too. Continue reading