12 Lifesaving Solutions for that Popcorn Ceiling

We were so overwhelmed with the nice comments you all shared about our Kitchen Reveal-ish post on Wednesday.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful people as our cheerleaders!

So, something really exciting happened this week (well, exciting to us):

We scraped the last bit of popcorn off of our ceilings.  We’re officially free of popcorn!

Ironically enough, within days of finishing “Operation: Popcorn Removal”, we were contacted [again] by our friends at HomeTalk asking us to put together a collection of popcorn ceiling ideas.  Perfect timing!  Hah!

You may remember that we put together a really fun board of ideas for sheds and shared it in our post named HomeTalk & House Talk.  We were excited to collaborate with HomeTalk again and put together a new collection of ideas.  So, without any further explanation, here’s the preview to our board Popcorn Ceiling Ideas:


You can click on the image or click HERE to see what we’ve put together! Lots of fun ways to get rid of or disguise those dingy, dated ceilings!

Hope you all enjoy!

Third Time’s A Disaster: Popcorn Ceiling Edition

So, remember when we showed your our super easy method to remove your popcorn ceilings in our post “Goodbye Popcorn… For Oh-So-Cheap!“?  That method was fool-proof… wasn’t it?!

Aaron and I had scraped the popcorn ceilings in our bathroom and current laundry room shortly after we wrote that post (a looonnngg time ago).  Aaron had “cut in” the edges with paint, but we’d never had a chance to roll the rest.

I got a jolt of energy yesterday and decided that it was the day- finally!  I’m happy to report that those ceilings look really crisp and clean.



Here’s where I got into trouble. I said to myself, “Self, you’re already covered in paint and disgusting.  Why don’t you go ahead and scrape the kitchen(now)/utility room(later)?  It will be easy- no ladder required!”  So… that’s what I did!  I scraped until the popcorn was gone:


I noticed that the areas where the sheet-rock peeped through were larger than normal, but they covered just fine with paint in the other rooms.  I also have plans to sand out this lovely seam from where the soffit once was above the cabinets.  Aaron offered to cut in the edges with paint while I’m away this weekend.


After my morning coffee, I decided to do a quick rolling of the ceiling.  As I began to roll the spaces where the sheet-rock peeped through, more and more texture began to fall on me.  Greatttttt!!


So, as of now, this is what we have.

I’ll have to figure out a way to remedy the situation and get back to you!

Until then… Look out!  Falling popcorn!