DIY: Lighted Scrap Wood Star

Hi Everyone!  We’re back from a much needed (and very cold) hiatus.  We’ve got some fun projects to show you from the past few weeks!  Up First:  Lighted Scrap Wood Star.


I’ve been telling Aaron since last Christmas that I wanted an obnoxiously gigantic star hanging from the corner of our house with “sprays” of abundant light reaching to the corner.  Each time I reminded him, I did this loud Clark-Griswold laugh.  It was magical.  Bling!  [sigh]  And then…

BAM!  Budget.

Buying a huge lighted star is definitely not at the top of our “Needs” list.  I don’t think it would be Dave Ramsey approved.  So, per usual, we went to work!

We had leftover 1x3s from our storm window project (that is still ongoing), but you could use any wood you had lying around.  I’ve also seen some cool ones made from yard sticks- just do a quick Pinterest or Google search and you’ll be amazed! Continue reading

How-To: Pallet Wood Bench

Happy November, everyone!  We’re diving into our Pallet Wood Bench tutorial today, as mentioned here!  Woo-Hoo!


First, we would like to give credit where credit is due.  We were highly influenced by A Cherry Blossom Kind of Life’s Pallet Bench Tutorial.  Isn’t the finished product darling?


Anyway, I returned home from work to find not one, not two, but… twenty-five pallets in my yard!  “Holy Pallet,” said I!  Our friend, Dean, who owns a cleaning service (Dean’s Cleaning Service, to be precise), comes up with some of the most awesome/random finds for us.  You may remember our Navy Enamel Campaign Desk and the wood/paint we used on The Shed?  Yep, those were his finds, too. Continue reading