Storage Locker Unit Shed Thing Reveal

Hello, Everyone!

So, our “Storage Locker Unit Shed Thing” has been complete for a while, but I was hoping some grass would grow next to it.

Apparently we’re going to have to figure out “Plan B” on grass, so here’s the reveal anyway!




A little more about the “shed”:

In June, we put skirting on the house.  We used reclaimed barn metal.  What material was leftover from that project went to the shed’s roof, lower “siding”, and door accents!

If you’ve been following Upcycled Ugly for a while, you may remember our Storm Window project.  After we made the [tough] decision to replace the windows, we had no need for the storm windows.  The Plexiglas was used for the windows on the shed and the storm window frames were used for door trim.

The rest of the materials on the exterior were inexpensive cedar fence posts and cedar shingles from the box store!


Anyway, we’ve been so pleased with the functional aspect of the new storage locker unit shed thing and it is so much more aesthetically pleasing than our previous setup!

We can’t wait to use it as a bouncing off point for a cool backyard design!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Launching Into Blogging- YeeHaw!

The time has finally come and I’m as giddy as a kid on Christmas Day, y’all!  Welcome to our first blog!  We’re excited you’re here!

We’ve already been asked several times, “What the heck does ‘Upcycled’ mean?”  The term was coined in 1994 in this quote by Reiner Pilz, discussing a city’s demolition plans :

“Recycling…I call it downcycling. They smash bricks, they smash everything. What we need is upcycling- where old products are given more value, not less.”

My first experiences of Upcycling were in finding hidden gems with my dad at the old “Trash and Treasure” store in my hometown.  I assure you, there was a whole lot more “trash” than “treasure” (and maybe some rodents, snakes, etc.)… but my parents are very thrifty and turned some basically free items into household staples with a ton of style!

Once I moved into my first apartment and re-styled some hand-me-down furniture, I was hooked on Upcycling Ugly!  I’ve been making “ugly” into “slightly-less-ugly” ever since!  My sweet husband, Aaron, has always supported my risky creative endeavors…which let us to our new object of Upcycling Affection: Continue reading