Bye, BB

You remember our last post when I told you that we were trying to be less productive in 2017?  Yeah? Well…

I lied.

Not on purpose.  That’s just the way things are going so far, but we’re hoping to chill out a bit after the end of this school year.

In January, I decided we had too much stuff and began eliminating unused or little used belongings that were taking up valuable space.  I had a lot more stuff than I realized and I have not missed one single item that I discarded.  In fact, I’ve found that tidying the house has been so much easier with everything having a place and not competing with excess junk.

One of the things that I became really convicted about was Big Bertha.  She was looking/functioning so much better, but we still didn’t have the time or the vehicle we’d hoped to have to use her.

So, we sold her.


Let’s take a little journey in time from when we bought her until current day:











The new owner bought Bertha as a surprise for her parents so they could travel together.  So sweet and So rewarding.  I hope they make some great memories.

In typical Bertha fashion, this is all we saw as they drove into the sunset…


Lookin’ fine, Bertha.  See you on the flip side.


Big Bertha’s Weight Loss

Happy 2016!!!!!

We’re back and blogging after a delightful holiday season. Hope yours was full of joy, laughter and love!

We’re super optimistic about 2016 already. Here are some of the bigger goals we have set for ourselves (God willing):

  • Debt free except the mortgage by January 1, 2023 (Wow!)
  • Big Bertha up and running by May 2016
  • 100% Fenced-in yard by January 1, 2023 (and maybe a deck if we can “swing it”)

So, while we you (*cough*) were all gaining weight over the holidays, Big Bertha was, well, becoming less “big”.

When you met Bertha, she was ghetto a marsupial.  Let me refresh your memory:


Since then, this happened:


Man, wouldn’t it be super sweet if we could just drop off our extra holiday weight somewhere?!?

So, without more adieu, I’d like to introduce to you “Slightly-less-big Bertha”!


Now, I need to call in some backup because I have no idea how to re-wire what is in that trash bag!