Insulation Sausages & Photo Updates

We’re back and traveling at record speeds this week!

Things that were accomplished:

  • Roof!
  • All inspections passed (until whole house is finished)
  • Doors re-framed
  • Deck and stairs installed
  • Insulation Sausages (see below)
  • Priming/Caulking

Things happening this week:

  • More caulking
  • More painting
  • Foam insulation installation (today!!!!!)
  • Drywall, maybe?
  • Ordering kitchen cabinets (another post)

About those “insulation sausages”:

Aaron and I have chosen to “splurge” on foam insulation for the house.  When installing foam insulation, it is highly recommended that all other insulation is removed because the old insulation can take on the aroma of the new foam.  Also, our electrician highly recommended that we pull the old stuff out to see what (if anything) is going on with the electric in the attic.  We’re all about safety.

So, yesterday, two guys came out to pull out the old insulation.  Wellllll……..

There were two layers of insulation (normal), but underneath was…. a whole wood shingle roof complete with nails.  Yo!  So, what was supposed to be a half a day job turned into a whole day and a “you’re going to have to get up there and sweep up more shingles later” job.

They set this machine up on the side of the deck- it would fill huge bags up in the side yard.
However, projectile nails and wood kept shooting out of the bags (and popping them… sending stuff all through the neighborhood) so the insulation guy and I were like:

I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood is sneezing due to our insulation removal.  I think I have developed a sudden adult-onset allergy to that bill I’m going to receive… Ah-chooo!

I know you just came for the photos 😉 , so here they are:

New porch/in-progress stairs
Deck (and priming)!
Primed, new stairs/landing, and door painted so we can install hardware today:
ROOF, Primed, doors painted, junked up with stuff:
View from back door:
Master bath- see our wall faucet hookups?!? I’m Pumped!
This has been here a while, but not sure if I have a photo on the blog yet- but the beam shows where this wall will be removed to connect the two houses. Soon we’ll be saying goodbye to this wall!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on insulation today and drywall soon.  This place is looking like a house!

We’ve had our fill of “insulation sausages” forever, but it is a step in the right direction!