The Great, Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015

You all read a few posts ago about how we’re aiming to be debt free (perhaps with the exception of our mortgage). Part of our struggle is trying to find a happy balance between paying off debt and keeping momentum on house improvements- especially on the exterior!

There are many tasks, we’re finding, that can be done for free, or mostly free… Like cleaning up the backyard.

We shall call this segment of our lives “The Great, Ugly Backyard Cleanup of 2015”.

I visited my neighbor semi-recently.  I looked through her kitchen window and what I could see was a clear view of cr*p in our backyard.  Embarrassed, I told her “Ohmygosh… I didn’t realize you could SEE all of that!  We’ll get it cleaned up ASAP!”


I’m so embarrassed to even show this photo.

Before you submit our names to the TV show Hoarders, know:

We took immediate action. Our friend brought over a huge, 18-foot car trailer.  “We’ll have plenty of room for the junk,” we said.  “We could even take some of the neighbors’ cr*p,” we offered.

Um, no.  We filled up the whole thing and even had to reorganize to fit a tarp over it before taking it to the dump.  WHOA.  That was an eye opener. It’s looking better and we’re working on solutions for the remainder.DSC_0544
You guys also remember when we finished our shed redo over two years ago? shedfinished

So cute… then… but three years after purchasing the house, the left shed is basically rusted through and the right shed is sinking due to shoddy construction and clay soil.  So…


Bye, bye blue shed (and the grass is resembling a balding, middle-aged man, apparently).

So, the start of something new…


Until next week, behave yourselves!