The Ugly Rental: The Kitchen and Living Room

I cannot wait to show you the heart of the home: The Kitchen (and the attached living room)!

The Kitchen

This kitchen was dated with an aroma I called [overwhelming] Eau de Mildew

The fridge looked sweet but (a) didn’t run and (b) didn’t open. Minor details.

In demo week, we discovered chewed wires and a completely rotten floor underneath the cabinets.  Yay!

We exposed shiplap on the ceiling and sink wall for some texture.

And found the original hardwoods under layers of flooring…

This was our first IKEA kitchen and will not be our last! We loved installation and the efficiency of the design.

The window was also replaced with a smaller, more energy efficient window.

And, voila!  We gave everything a coat of glossy white.  $400 (for all) Craigslist appliances grace the kitchen (in nearly perfect condition).  We added a vent-a-hood that vents to the outside, new lighting, concrete-look countertops, and supersweet pantry drawers.  [I love my kitchen, but I’m actually jealous of the pantry drawers in the rental house..]  We built an island on casters with the extra length of leftover countertop from IKEA and a few pieces of lumber.

Simple repairs cleaned up the living room.  The floors were refinished.  New windows, “entry” floor, trim, paint, and light fixtures were about all that were needed.

I’d say she has some personality now, eh?  And she smells oh so much better, to boot!

Coming soon (we hope):

-The Exterior