{Up}cycled {Un}real- Revamping Hall of Fame

We’re excited to share something new in 2014, folks, via our newest endeavor- {Up}cycled {Un}real.  We’re spotlighting creative souls on the web who have successfully revamped common material, scrap, or trash into something inspiring, artistic, odd, hilarious, or all around amazing.

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to click on the link below each photo and leave the creators a few lines of appreciation (if available).


Piano fountain photographed by Berenice on Flickr.


Macquariums (aquarium from old iMac monitors) by Jake Harms.  You can buy one pre-made or a DIY kit HERE.


Seahorse made entirely of bike chain.  Source is listed on the photo.

That’s it for this edition of {Up}cycled {Un}real.  We’ll be back next week with more fun finds!