{Up}cycled {Un}real: Revamping Hall of Fame

We’re excited to share something new in 2014, folks, via our newest endeavor- {Up}cycled {Un}real.  We’re spotlighting creative souls on the web who have successfully revamped common material, scrap, or trash into something inspiring, artistic, odd, hilarious, or all around amazing.

Hope you enjoy!  Feel free to click on the link below each photo and leave the creators a few lines of appreciation (if available).

BikeVanityVanity out of an old bike by artist Benjamin Bullins.  You can see more of his designs HERE.


Artist Nick Gentry uses “donated” floppy disks as a canvas for his art.  See more of his creations HERE.


Ocean Sole artists create animal art from recycled flip-flops.  Not only do they recycle around 220 pounds of shoes a week, but they are creating employment opportunities in the process.  Read more HERE or HERE.

That’s it for this edition of {Up}cycled {Un}real.  We’ll be back next week with more fun finds!