The Sheds

When we bought the house, we inherited these lovely sheds.  We made them over with some paint and some pallet wood!





After the addition was built, these sheds took up a huge percentage of our backyard so we tore them down.

We tucked a storage-locker-type shed into the side of the carport to better utilize the smaller backyard we do have, plus keep the tools we use so often.  This will enable us to landscape and actually use the backyard for recreation in the future.




10 thoughts on “The Sheds

  1. As I said on Hometalk, you did a amazing job transforming these sheds. I love that you and your hubby have close to the same name. They pretty much sound the same anyway.
    Becky Alexander-Conrad recently posted…Mid-Century Modern Bookcase Make OverMy Profile

    • Thanks so much, Becky! We appreciate you stopping by! And can you believe that we’re Aaron and Erin? When we first met, I thought that there was NO way I could marry an Aaron, but here we are!!

      • When it’s right, it’s right. <3
        Sorry about the link in my original comment. I did not add that myself.

    • Hi Jan- thanks for stopping by. We used screws to secure furring strips to the shed’s studs (through the metal). We then used brad nails in a nail gun to secure the scrap board to the furring strips. You could definitely hand nail it, but it would be more time consuming. The metal won’t hold weight without bending/leaking, which is why we chose to attach furring strips. Not to mention, you’d be like a human pin-cushion every time you entered the shed if those nails where sticking through the walls. 😉 Hope that helps. If not, please e-mail me!

  2. Ok Erin every time i want to ask a ? you already answer it.Thats great. I just keep going back to this post i just love the new look of a ugly shed. And now i get how to do it. I use to have a ugly shed at my last home. Where was this post when i needed it back then.LOL And at my newly build home i need a shed. Will get a cheap shed and make it my own.Thanks for the post.Now show us pics of your yard PLEASE

    • Hi Dee! Thanks for stopping in! Glad our little make-over helped you do some brainstorming! Our yard leaves a lot to be desired right now, but you can check out our little square foot gardens here:

      Hope you have a great day- and post some pictures of your little “cheap shed” made awesome when you do it!!

  3. Hi there - I used a similar technique for screening a bin enclosure in my front garden. How does your timber look now? Mine not great.

    I made a treated pine frame and I clad the frame with marine grade ply. I had left over spotted gum timber from my deck.

    I secured the marine grade ply to the frame with nails but I secured the timber off cuts to the sheets of plying using wood glue.

    The weathering process has taken its toll. The timber has started to fall off.

    I think securing the timber off cuts with nails is a better solution than my attempt using wood glue.

    • Hi Felicity- It is up to you, but we usually use glue as a reinforcement to nails or screws. This particular project has the plywood screwed into the framing “timber”, then the wood trim is nailed into the plywood. I’d like to seal the wood, as well, to slow the weathering process. It sure is fun building stuff yourself, isn’t it??

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